Name: Chirlei Dias de Brito
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 20/02/2017

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Celso Oliveira Azevedo Advisor *

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Cecília Waichert Monteiro Internal Examiner *
Celso Oliveira Azevedo Advisor *
GEANE OLIVEIRA DE LANES External Alternate *
Luisa Maria Sarmento Soares Filho Internal Alternate *

Summary: The Panama fauna of Dissomphalus is studied and sixty-four species are recognized, 31 are descibed and illustrated as new to Science: D. sp. 1, D. sp. 3, D. sp. 2, D. sp. 4, D. sp. 5, sp. 6, D. sp. 7, D. sp. 8, D. sp. 9, D. sp. 10, D. sp. 11, D. sp. 12, D. sp. 13, D. sp. 14, D. sp. 15, D. sp. 16, D. sp. 17, D. sp. 18, D. sp. 19, D. sp. 20, D. sp. 21, D. sp. 22, D. sp. 23, D. sp. 24, D. sp. 25, D. sp. 26, D. sp. 27, D. sp. 28, D. sp. 29, D. sp. 30 and D. sp. 31. Nine species are recorded for the first time from Panama: D. angulatus, D. galeatus, D. hirtus, D. infissus, D. personatus, D. pilus, D. politus, D. pronus and D. vallensis. Sixteen had their distribution broadened: D. bilobatus, D. brasiliensis, D. cervoides, D. coronatus, D. curvifoveatus, D. geniculatus, D. gilvipes, D. guttus, D. intradentatus, D. plaumanni, D. piscicercus, D. punctatus, D. rettenmeyeri, D. rufipalpis, D. strepsus and D. unitus. We were not able to find additional material of eight species previously reported to Panama. A key for Central American species of Dissomphalus is included.

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