Name: Bianca Zimmer Kohler Dias
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 22/02/2017

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Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *

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FERNANDA TONINI GOBBI External Alternate *
Marcel Gustavo Hermes External Examiner *
Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *
Tânia Mara Guerra Internal Examiner *
Yuri Luiz Reis Leite Internal Alternate *

Summary: Stenosmicra Bouček & Delvare, 1992 belongs to Chalcidini and includes two species: S. exilis Bouček & Delvare, 1992 and S. tenuis Bouček, 1992. Species of the genus are diagnosed mainly by the elongated and narrow body, and enlarged prepectus. It has been observed that these characteristics were also present in the elongata species group, which belongs to genus Conura, suggesting a close relationship of these two taxa. This fact, contrary to previous proposal that suggests that Stenosmicra is sister group of the clade Melanosmicra + Chalcis. Based on these facts, it is presented here a reassessment of the relationship of Stenosmicra species with others Chalcidini in light of the principle of parsimony and new technologies search. Thirty six UTO's and 50 morphological characters were used. Based on through parsimony analysis and testing K values from 1 to 10 was recovered a most parsimonious topology with value of K = 6. Stenosmicra was recovered as monophyletic and as a sister group of a clade which assembles the elongata and two others groups of species. This result shows Conura as a paraphyletic group. In this way, the synapomorphies and unpublished characters that support the clades and a discussion about them are presented in the paper.

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