Name: Bruna Malavazi Dell´Antonio
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 03/03/2020

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Albert David Ditchfield Advisor *

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Albert David Ditchfield Advisor *
Mercia Barcellos da Costa Internal Examiner *
Silvia Ramira Lopes Caldara External Alternate *
Vilacio Caldara Junior External Examiner *

Summary: Abstract: The pollination by bats, called chiropterophilia, has
been widely studied due to its importance to the maintanance of
the tropical and subtropical environments. In this mutualistic
interaction, the nectar is a crucial substance to the bats
nutrition. So, questions arise about the bats selective pressure
on the nectar composition. The study evaluated the nectar-feedind
bats preference for combination of sugar and to verify the
preference with the adittion of limiting nutrients. The study was
conducted at the Estação Biologia Marinha Augusto Ruschi, in
Santa Cruz (Aracruz). Two experiments were performed: preference
for amino acids and minerals and the preference for sugar
(sucrose, frutose, glucose and the combination of frutose and
glucose). The solutions were prepared using the floral nectar
composition and concentration found at literature. They were
offerted in artificial drinkers and the preference was determined
from the visiting number in each one. The identification of the
species was obtained from the observation, by filming and capture
using mist nets. The research concluded that the presence of
amino acids and mineral in the sucrose solutions did not change
the preference and that the frutose and glucose combination was
not prefered by nectar-feeding bats.
Key words: chiropterophilia; nectar-feeding bats; preference;
nectar; limiting nutrients

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