Type: PhD thesis
Publication date: 15/05/2020

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Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *

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Marcio Luiz de Oliveira External Examiner *
Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *
Julia Calhau Almeida External Examiner *
FERNANDA TONINI GOBBI Internal Alternate *
Cecília Waichert Monteiro External Examiner *
BRUNO CANCIAN DE ARAUJO External Alternate *
Anamaria Dal Molin External Examiner *

Summary: Internal relationships of Dirhinini were never tested
with cladistic methods. This thesis presents a phylogenetic study
based on 166 morphological characters, internal group with 57
OTUs, and external group with six. Species of all genera
(Aplorhinus Masi, Dirhinus Dalman, Eniacomorpha Giraut,
Pseudeniaca Masi e Hontalia Cameron), and subgenus (Dirhinus,
Hontalia Bouček e Pareniaca Bouček & Narendran) of the tribe
were included in the study, encompassing a wide morphological
diversity. The TNT application was used for the phylogenetic
searches. Through different search methods it was recovered five
phylogenetic trees, with similar topology. In all of trees,
Dirhinini was recovered as monophyletic and divided into three
clades (B+ (C+ D)). Therefore, it is proposed a new organization
of the tribe in three genera: Aplorhinus, Dirhinus, and Hontalia
(stat. rev.). Eniacomorpha, Paraeniaca, Pseudoeniaca, and
Youngaia are proposed as junior synonyms of Hontalia. Some
infrageneric groups of species recovered from the cladistics
analysis are presented and discussed. Finally, new morphological
terms are proposed and discussed for the group, together with a
character list.

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