Name: Ricieri Campo Dall'Orto
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 31/08/2022

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Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *

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Anamaria Dal Molin External Alternate *
Cecília Waichert Monteiro Internal Alternate *
Frederico Falcão Salles Internal Examiner *
Julia Calhau Almeida External Examiner *
Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *

Summary: Hockeria Walker (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae) is a worldwide genus with 98 described species. There is no
world revision for Hockeria species and evidence indicates it as a polyphyletic group. Here it is presented a
taxonomic revision of Hockeria from the Neotropical region based on a morphological approach. Ten species
are treated, four new species – H. sp1, H. sp2, H. sp3 e H. sp4 – and six previously described – H. bicolor
(Halstead), H. burdicki Halstead, H. burksi Halstead, H. eriensis (Wallace), H. rubra (Ashmead) and H.
tenuicornis (Girault). It is provided descriptions and/or diagnosis, illustrations and an identification key for
studied species. The geographical distribution of neotropical Hockeria is presented in a map. Two groups of
species are proposed for New World Hockeria and they are based on divergent morphological features, host
ranges and pattern of geographical distribution. Aspects of geographical distribution, functional morphology
and biology are discussed for species of American Hockeria.
Key words: Chalcidoidea, ant lion, Haltichellinae, Myrmeleontidae, parasitoid.

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