Name: Bruna Cortat Simoneli
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 10/03/2023

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Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *

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Angelica Maria Penteado Martins Dias External Examiner *
Cecília Waichert Monteiro External Examiner *
Marcelo Teixeira Tavares Advisor *
Nelson Wanderley Perioto External Alternate *

Summary: Abstract: Chalcididae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) currently includes about 1464 described species widely distributed around the globe, some of its genus diversified in the New World especially in the Neotropical region, which inclose about 472 species in 29 genus recorded. Most chalcidid wasps are primary parasitoids of larvae and pupae of holometabolous insects (including lepidopterans, dipterans and coleopterous) and, some of their hosts being important agricultural pests, such as some eucalyptus defoliating. Here is presented a synopsys of the species of Chalcididae parasitoid of lepidopterans defoliating pests of eucalyptus in the New World. It includes a checklist of the parasitoid species and their hosts, associated plant, geographic distribution, previously and new records to each host-parasitoid association, and comments and corrections to the records. Identification tools such as diagnoses, identification key and illustrations are also presented. This synopsys include 18 Chalcididae species six belonging to Brachymeria and 12 to Conura (two undescribed), 19 host species and 46 host-parasitoid associations (17 as new records).

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